• Hermione Way joins your company as Brand Consultant under the title "CMO" or "Brand Ambassador" to accelerate brand growth.
  • Hermione Way is not just a 'strategist' she will roll her sleeves up and put in the hard work to come up with a plan to grow your brand on a daily basis.
  • Hermione Way is an influencer who is followed by journalists, investors and influential people - your product in front of the network that she has spent 10+ years building.
  •  Hermione and her team available 9am-5pm GMT Monday to Friday on Facebook Messenger for communications.
  •  How To Grow A Brand Like Tinder Brand-Accelerator-Training™ includes go-to-market strategy, brand positioning, core messaging, press strategy, viral campaign ideas, content strategy, launching your own video channel, social media strategy, events strategy, FB, LinkedIn and Instagram ads strategy.
  •  Exclusive access to her high calibre network.
  •  Hermione can be your Brand spokesperson for all press, TV and event appearances.
  •  BONUS - I'll be introducing your product or service to my network of investors, press and CEOs via my social channels, newsletter and so much more, you'll have to order to find out :)
Build an Online Empire
Hermione Way is the former Head of European Communications at Tinder. A brilliant marketing mind that has built over 10+ successful businesses online, here to help scale yours to the next level.

Hear from people who have worked with Hermione Way:
    "Within 24 hours of engaging Way, we had been featured on TechCrunch and other industry blogs"

— Jon Favor, TrekkSoft
    "We invent the world’s first wearable smart vibrator to help couple to stay intimate.
    We needed someone to evangelize and sell our product.
    We were looking for someone who is great in marketing, understand startups and believe in sex-positive.
    Way hit the spot."

— Dema Tio, Vibease
    "For years I have turned to Hermione for relevant introductions in the entrepreneurial space. She was one of the first people we contacted when we decided to expand into Europe and sure enough she helped us make an excellent hire."

— Erica Labovitz, Indiegogo
Who is Hermione Way?

Former Head Of European Communications at Tinder.

Hermione Way is the brand consultant who helps companies big and small accelerate the growth of their brand. With over 10 + years’ experience digital marketing for the technology industry, she has helped her clients with campaigns that have gone viral, amassing millions of views, appearing on BBC World News, NYTimes, Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch and many more.

As the former Head Of European Communications at Tinder, Hermione helped grow the brand across the UK, France, Germany, Russia, Spain & Italy. At Tinder she worked on forging first of a kind partnerships with the NHS and a voting engagement initiative for the 2016 EU Referendum.

Prior to that, she was the co-founder of Vibease, the world’s first smart vibrator and spent six years’ living in San Francisco and working as a journalist as the Silicon Valley video director of The Next Web.

She was the main cast member of the show Startups Silicon Valley, a $25million budget TV show, broadcasting to 88 million homes on the Bravo TV network.

She founded her own PR and Marketing company Waymedia.co where she worked with clients from China, USA, Canada and Europe, helping them appear on Wired, Women’s Health, VentureBeat, DailyMail and Fortune Magazine. She co-founded TechDrive.co, a publication reporting on the future of travel.

She was the founder of Hollywood Meets Silicon Valley, an event series connecting the two industries. She was the co-founder of Startup World, a global startup competition held in 25 countries, sponsored by American Airlines.

She has appeared on the front cover of the New York Times and The Sun Newspaper. She has blogged for TechCrunch and appeared on Sky News as a commentator on latest technology trends.
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Frequently Asked Questions: 
What kind of role will you play in my company?
I will act as Chief Marketing Officer, overseeing all the marketing decisions for the company to make sure resources are optimised, I will also devise a plan where I can be hands on and a strategy that I can impliment where I can help grow the brand through a daily or weekly task.I can also act as a brand ambassador for TV and media appearances or help you wil TV and media appearences.
How much of your time will we get?
You will have access to me Monday to Friday 9am -5pm on Facebook Messenger. 
Will you get press for my company?
I am not a PR company, however, I am followed by lots of journalists, once we have figured out the best go-to-market messaging for your company we will post your messaging across my social channels and sometimes journalists ask for an interview. I will also work on optimizing your brand messaging, engineering the best story for the press and the creation of three marketing campaigns with the aim of getting the attention of the press. However additional resources may be needed depending on coverage demands.
Besides the weekly call, how much contact will we have?
We will be in contact by Messenger, What'sApp, Telegram, Email, Slack, Facebook for Work -whatever your company prefers.
How much managing do you need?
None! I’ve worked in extremely senior positions throughout my career. I like to work in an autonomous yet symbiotic relationship with CEOs, founders and marketing professionals. I am here to help you make the right marketing decisions. 
Where do you work from and can I cancel the contract?
I work from my office in Suffolk (1 hour north of London), but have clients from all over the world, I also travel all over the world for press and event opportunities.
Yes, you can cancel anytime by giving one month's’ notice, email hermioneway@gmail.com
Watch Hermione in action:
On BBC World News promoting Odle
Based in Kuala Lumpur, Odle is the world's first real-time translation app. Hermione and team set up a UK office and ran all aspects of marketing.
Demoing Vibease at San Francisco NewTech (39 weeks pregnant)
Hermione was the co-founder of Vibease, the world's first smart vibrator, she was responsible for building the company to $1.5million in sales.

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